Cove Industrial Enterprises Ltd offers a comprehensive wet and powder paint service to compliment their sheet metal service.

All our work undergoes thorough surface cleansing followed by various pre treatment stages that ensure additional corrosion resistance and excellent coating adhesion.

For the final finish we have an extensive range of industrial paints and finishes for any application. Paint systems used cater for anything from commercial powder paint to high specification paint systems such as chemical washdown resistant paint and infra red reflective paints to defence standards (Def Stan) and military specification (MIL Spec)

Of course, stoving, two pack polyurethane, and water based paints are also commonly used in a variety of finishes including texture, spatter and leatherette.

Cove have access to a wide range of material suppliers from the UK and abroad but make extensive use of materials manufactured by Trimite who are a leading supplier of industrial finishing materials for both commercial and defence applications.

With high quality performance materials coupled to Cove’s long years of experience in applications for almost every industry you can be assured of a first class finish..

Our paint shop is an important component of Cove’s fully comprehensive sheet metal service but also operates as an independent paint finishing service for most applications in both small and large batches.